This is bronze medal Britsh 100km championships, Scotland, March 2011


Lake Balatonfured, Hungary, May 2011
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3rd Lady, 633.57km

Hopes and Dreams for 2011 - 2012

Heather is eagerly awaiting the opportunities that present before her for the coming year.

2010 was a tough and formatative year moving up from 100km to 24hr and then multidays 48hr.

And Spartathlon the highlight of 2010 and a podium finish amazing, the first long run after her foot operation in June.

Heathers plans this year include a 6 day in Hungry in May," Balatonfured"(read more link to report n poem ; confinment

Heather hated it, yet did remarkably well finishing a respectable 3rd in covering 633.570 km)

Her target being to run 100km per day n 50km one night as preparation for " Trans de Gaule"

Heathers dream race Trans de Gaule a multi stage race from Roscoff in the North to the mediterrain sea in the South.

Heather won a Bronze Medal at the British 100km Championships in Scotland March 2011


Heather flys to Dublin then Galway to compete for Great Britian in the AVIVA 3rd IAU World Trail Championships (click here)


We wish her loads of joy, freedom n Inspiration.

In September Heather will be competeing for England in the 24 hr competition in the Commonwealth Games thus incorporating and

competing in all three ultra distances. The 100km, 70km world trail and 24hr commonwealth Games.

Ireland World Trail 2011 > Commonwealth Games 2011 >


It does take alot of grit and determination to run such distances yet its a challenge I really enjoy,

Though after my experience in Hungary I learn't

"That courage surpasses Freedom, and that Persevance against adveristy brings reward "

as an invitation to run Turin to Roma in Italy was given to Heather by the Italians after the race.

Heather now needs to secure this offer hopefully JUNE 2012

" I love Itaily I was over joyed hopefully 2012 will see me compete !! Benedi're."


Poem by Heather.

Entrapment imprisonment, Undefiled, Companionship?

Comrades in pilgrimage!

Cumbersome, aloof, sustanance, swollen, inflamed feet

"ignore the pain" shouts Edit.

You run through it (Edit was former world champion of both 100km & 24hr for hungry )both my distances


No, I treat it

"Blister kit"

Illdefined: perceieved, perception, conformity!

Focus, abuse, overcoming, cohesion!

"Gallentry, foolery, legs swell, boil in the heat, rejuvanation, reprieve,disregard.

Enoughs enough, 394 miles, 633,579km.

"Courage surpasses Freedom, and Persevance against adveristy brings reward "

Never Again

Amazingly, Heather acheieved her goal to run 100km a day, and 50km one evening as preparation for
Trans de Gaule, De la Manche a la Mediterranee, 1150 km, 10th - 27th August 2011.