Body Massage

Body massage is used to treat your entire body, aiding the release of toxins and natural waste. Lactic acid build up, or congested lymph flow is often felt as a burning sensation or tightness in your muscles when you ache! During or after exercise. Often day to day stress and the inability to relax and unwind can benefit from a deep relaxing yet refreshing massage.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is used to treat injuries to muscles, Ligaments and other soft tissues. You don't have to be A sports person or have a sports related injury to benefit. Poor posture from work, driving, continuous standing, Back ache, shoulder knots can all benefit from this form Of massage. However if you are Sporty a pre & post event massage is a great asset.

Rehabilitation of Injuries

The relief of muscular tension promotes the natural healing process within the body. This can be further aided by the use of a soundwave machine or electrical muscular stimulation. Gentle massage & remedial exercise programmes; selected stretches often speed recovery.

Neck and Shoulder massage

Using the Nova sonic sound wave machine